Demo  Frequently Asked Question

You can visit our website for more details: demo

All the information related to ICO, lending program, Roadmap and other essential information is fully updated on our website.

Feel free to contact us by email at anytime if you require any further information:

We have incorporated a number of anti-hacker tools, including: SSL Security, DDOS, 2FA, Email Login Code.

Moreover, we are using a dedicated server system located in many parts of the world that is configured load balancing to ensure the registration and ICO will go smoothly.

Our team of technicians will be available 24 hours a day to assist and serve you.

Lending Profit is up to 7% per month

Immediately after the first ICO on December 7, 2017, you can transfer your demo money to other members. And whenever you want, you can transfer it to other members.

On our website, we provide you with a countdowntimer. You should see the seconds tick down to ICO day, and when it counts down to 0, you can start buying token .

No, you can't change your sponsor. So prior to member registeration, you should be careful about your decision and choice of sponsor. You should choose a sponsor who are influential and creditable, who can help and support you to develop your community.

The answer is definitely yes. You can use different accounts on the same device/computer to sign up in demo

However you should be careful when you share your computer/device with other people. Your private information including ID, password... would be leaked or stolen

We are honored to be working together with some influential leaders in countries around the world.

We are always available to support leaders in every country in the world, including sponsorship events, training programs, financial promotions, etc. If you are a leader In the country you would like to partner with demo to establish a community in your country, we will be happy to provide you financial support for important activities in your country to promote demo if we can. Your commitment to excellence and dedication has benefited to the customers and customers you serve.

Please email us soon. We look forward to working with you.

We are committed to everything we do right in our roadmap, strategy ... We believe everything we do can satisfy many people. Actions speak louder than words, so we will always do our best so that demo can overcome the expectations of the members.

Trust and be with us, surely we will not disappoint you.

You can deposit and withdraw BTC whenever you desire.

The price of demo is determined by the supply and demand of the market.

Unlike some existing cash, the price is determined by the central bank and the host governments.

We believe that with demo long-term vision and professional systems, demo prices will increase 10x after ICO and more in the near future.

ICO time: December 7, 2017, - New York time (GMT - 5).

On our site, we give you a countdown timer. You will see the tick tick on the ICO, and when it counts down to 0, you can start buying demo tokens.

There are 3 steps you should follow to purchase demo on ICO: December 7, 2017

Step 1: Register at demo

Step 2: Send money to your Wallet on demo

Step 3: Find ICO on demo, click ICO then buy demo

Note: We only accept payment by bitcoin

The quantity is limited for each purchase

So you should get ready any time so that you could buy as much as you desire

The quantity of each purchase will be announced prior to each sale, so you need to check your email or visit the website so that you could update the latest information.